PBG solves some puzzles to get the Postman's Hat.

Majora's Mask - Postman's Hat
Upload Date December 6th 2012
Series Majora's Mask: Collection Series


Synopsis Edit

Continuing from last episode, PBG is following Kafei into a hidden room. They see the Sun's Mask, and PBG wants that mask. Kafei steps on a switch, which moves the mask away. PBG struggles to read the text. PBG is nervous, as he needs to move through this section quickly.

He pushes the blue switches. PBG kills a deku baba and completes puzzles as Kafei. PBG tries to be fast, but he has plenty of time. The game makes it look like it was closer than it actually was, as Kafei gets the Sun Mask.

PBG heads to Clock Town to deliver the letter to the postman. The postman appears depressed. PBG points out how the postman was on his top ten weird Zelda characters list. The postman doesn't even want to escape. PBG follows the postman. Everything on the final day makes PBG really sad.

PBG heads into the Milk Bar with the cow on his head again. Only he has to wear the stupid cow! PBG finds the postman's face funny for some reason. PBG sees a door glitch, and has to wait for the postman to stop moving. PBG sees the guard freak out, and wants him to chill out.

PBG receives the postman's hat. PBG sings about the postman being free. The guard won't let Link leave, even though the moon is about to kill everyone.

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