PBG fails at platforming a lot as he tries to get the Mask of Scents.

Majora's Mask - Mask of Scents
Upload Date October 5th 2011
Series Majora's Mask: Collection Series


Synopsis Edit

It has been a long time since PBG last made one of these videos. PBG has a better schedule now, and he wants more Zelda content for Zelda Month. He is searching for the Mask of Scents. He needs to beat the Woodfall Temple.

He jumps across the lily pads and fails at it. A fail counter starts to appear on the screen. He gets to the last one before falling into the water! PBG has no idea what he is talking about. He fails three times altogether.

PBG follows the Deku around the dungeon, and PBG makes excuses for doing badly. PBG falls into a bottomless pit, and has to follow the deku again. PBG yells as he almost jumps off the edge, but he barely lands it. He gets a lot further through the dungeon, and is hit by a fire, and has to start again.

PBG doesn't know what his specialty is, but it isn't platforming! This is the first mask that he is getting that requires skill. Whenever PBG needs to jump, he changes into the Deku Shrub. This time he avoids the fire. PBG succeeds, and receives the Mask of Scents.

He laughs as he puts the mask on, as Link turns into a pig.

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