PBG dances his way to get the Kamaro's Mask.

Majora's Mask - Kamaro's Mask
Upload Date June 16th 2011
Series Majora's Mask: Collection Series


Synopsis Edit

PBG shows off the freaky Great Fairy's Mask again. He gets past the guard preventing him from leaving the town. PBG plays the Song of Double Time to make it night, and waits for midnight. PBG sees a dancing man in the distance and heads towards him. PBG admires the man.

PBG plays the Song of Healing to cheer the dead dancing man up. PBG finds the dancing memorizing. He receives the mask. PBG is not going to perform his quests. He accidentally puts the Deku Mask on. He shows the Kamaro's mask on Link's head, which allows Link to do the dance. PBG tells what to do with the mask.

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