PBG gets a date with the receptionist, and follows the mailman.

Majora's Mask - Kafei's Mask
Upload Date October 18th 2012
Series Majora's Mask: Mask Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG should be getting 3 masks, and rambles his intro. It's been a while since he last made an episode. He is in the Mayor's Residence. It has been a while since he last did this quest. PBG gets confused when he is asked a question. He says something mean to a fat woman and yells at himself for it. He receives the Kafei's Mask, and pretends to end the episode.

He checks out the Kafei Mask. He talks to the mailman. PBG has a reservation in the Knife Chamber. It sounds like a nice room. PBG thinks the receptionist is coming onto him. PBG gets ready for his date, and waits impatiently near the kitchen for her to come in. He talks to her in the kitchen - but she still tells him to wait until they are in the kitchen! When she stops moving, the conversation begins. PBG gets a text from him mom. PBG receives the letter for Kafei.

PBG plays the Song of Double Time to skip to the start of the second day so he can deliver the letter. PBG claims that he is never caught off guard, and plays footage from the previous episode where he is caught off guard.

PBG delivers the letter, and waits for the mailman. The mailman claims that Link will disrupt his schedule if he stops to talk, so PBG holds him up as long as he can. The mailman leaves, and lies on his bed. The mailman takes a very long route, and needs to pick up the pace!

The mailman claims that he doesn't know where the person is, so PBG skips through the footage. PBG talks about Mythbusters. PBG waits for the person to come back into his room. He has the Keaton mask on, and won't talk to Link until he is in the room. Kafeo takes off the mask. PBG pretends that he can't think of someone who would turn people into a creature. PBG receives the pendant. He doesn't know what else to say, so he ends the episode.

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