PBG races on Epona to get the Garo's Mask.

Majora's Mask - Garo's Mask
Upload Date January 6th 2012
Series Majora's Mask: Mask Collection


Synopsis Edit

PBG is on the way to get Garo's Mask. He needs to head to the Gorman Track, and calls Epona. PBG feels out of place, as he is currently used to Skyward Sword. He talks to the people in the ranch. They make fun of his horse. One of them muffles his words.

PBG has to go and farm ten rupees. He sings as he gets them. PBG trues to not hit the wall and run out of carrots. He decides to jump over the gate. He hits the thing aka a tree. PBG spams A to win the race. The ranch guys are really upset that they lost. PBG is mesmerized by it!

PBG is given the Garo's Mask. PBG puts the mask on and runs around with it. PBG comments that when in Ikana Canyon, the Nejirons will attack Link.

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