PBG gets two masks in one episode!

Majora's Mask - Blast Mask + Bremen Mask
Upload Date July 12th 2011
Series Majora's Mask: Collection Series


Synopsis Edit

PBG shows off the Kamaro's Mask once more.

He sees a weird guy standing around, who isn't doing anything suspicious. The bushes start running away. PBG decides to leave and sees an apologizing woman. The man and woman walk into each other, and the man steals her luggage. PBG attacks the thief. The man runs right past the guard who stops Link instead of the thief! PBG is given the Blast Mask.

That was really short, so PBG goes to get another mask. The Blast Mask blows up on Link's face! PBG shows that putting up the shield allows Link to not take damage - which doesn't make any sense!

PBG heads over to the Laundry Pool. PBG finds Guru Guru (the music guy). He explains that he stole the Bremen Mask and he gives it to Link. PBG shows off the mask, and he plays the ocarina as he goes. He walks around the area, and states that he will need this mask at a later time to get another mask.

He falls in the water.

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