PBG and Jeff play scary Mario Maker levels.

Upload Date December 30th 2015
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's Waluigi's Unbearable Existence: DAF8-0000-0027-7A46

Will You Save Your Son?: C046-0000-003F-3825

Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff are going to play some scary levels today. The first is 'Waluigi's Unbearable Existence'. PBG knows nothing about these levels. Jeff climbs up a narrow maze to get a Waluigi power up. PBG comments that the level is not scary, it's stupid! They laugh at the terrible level.

Jeff wants to play it again because he was confused. Jeff takes a different path this time. The puzzle was too easy, and PBG didn't like it.

They change to another level called 'Will You Save Your Son?' PBG has trouble with timing his jumps on a cannon. PBG ends up going back to the beginning, and has to go through the introduction again. One of the doors instantly kills Mario.

PBG pretends to be spooked. PBG gives the controller to Jeff for the hard jumps. Jeff dies on the second jump. Jeff takes a shortcut in the level. Jeff has to kill Yoshi. Jeff jumps across the letters after hitting a P-Switch, but misses and falls into lava. Jeff wants the text to change each time.

PBG comments on the weird sound effects. Jeff misses his jump. They discuss a "I Pressed it to jump" T-shirt. Jeff keeps on missing the jump. Finally, Jeff gets past. The level becomes weird. They try selecting 'Yes' on the regret section, and are descended into lava, so they decide to end the video.

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