Luke "Yungtown" Sizemore is a Hidden Block member that does parodies, fake top 10s, reviews, and raps. His videos have a satire-like style. For example, his Draw My Life video was just him retelling the story of The Lion King.

He appeared in two of PBG's videos, Why We Love Skyward Sword and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Tribute Song.

Appearances in PBG videos Edit

Yungtown appeared in Why We Love Skyward Sword and he gives points on why he believes Skyward Sword is great.

He appeared much later in PBG's Breath of the Wild music tribute song. He does rap verses and recorded some outside footage. He also helped write the song.

Hardcore Statistics Edit

Season Episode of Death Cause of Death Remaining Players Time of Death Last Words Other notes
Terraria #3 24 The Goblin Army

(Shadowflame Apparation)

McJones "I'm going..." Died to a goblin invasion shortly after returning home from killing the Wall of Flesh.

Trivia Edit

  • Yungtown started the #Sub2Yungtown joke.
  • Yungtown was born on Aug 31, 1990.
  • Yungtown was featured by Nintendo of America's twitter.
  • Yungtown voices the Snatcher in the game A Hat in Time.
  • Yungtown was going to appear in Minecraft Hardcore Season 4, but became too busy to play.