PBG doesn't remember the events of Lord of the Rings for SNES from the book.

Lord of the Rings (SNES)
Upload Date April 2nd 2012
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Synopsis Edit

PBG is looking at games on his shelf. He finds a SNES game behind his DS games. It is Lord of the Rings for SNES. PBG tries to explain the story, but he skipped most of it. Gandalf walks like a gangster. PBG is complained by how all the hobbits have swords.

PBG doesn't remember anything that appears here from the book. PBG always accidentally triggers the "You don't have an item equipped' prompt to appear. PBG tries to find Sam's glasses, but finds a cave instead after not finding the glasses for a long time. There are so many bats that they kill Peregrin. It was brutal. PBG doesn't need any of the things he finds, but he does need gold apparently.

Sam has horrible AI, he just mimics everything PBG does. The wolves aren't much better. Sam gets stuck on everything so PBG "accidentally" kills him. Merry just disappears on him. PBG gets swamped by skeleton ghosts. There are 65 different caves, and PBG doesn't even know what he is supposed to be looking for!

Since there is so little music in this game, PBG tries experimenting with different songs until he finds one that fits the mood. Eventually, PBG finally finds a door, and tries a key, but discovers that he has the wrong key. PBG begins to panic, and then depressingly sings until he finds the key.

PBG finally makes it into the next village. He has to prove his worth? Why? And there is no hint as to how PBG should go about it. The whole game is one big fetch quest.

PBG puts the game cartridge around his neck. He sees himself on the other side of the room. PBG attempts to give the cartridge to the other PBG. He goes into a field, and blows up the game.