Lootcrate Unboxing - BATTLE!
Upload Date December 19th 2014
Series One-offs


PBG opens a Lootcrate just before Christmas with his ferrets.

Synopsis Edit

Santa Peanut Butter Gamer is bearing gifts - for himself. He has his first Lootcrate box. He describes the Lootcrate service. This month's theme is anniversaries. He thinks there is a Batman figure in it, but he is opening the November box which doesn't have the figure - the December one does.

PBG apologizes again for getting the packages confused. He begins to open the box. There is a Mega Man helmet. He puts the helmet on his display. He has a shirt. this is a Pirates vs Ninjas shirt.

There is a Mega Man pin. A Halo Mega Block figure. PBG isn't familiar with Halo, so he isn't sure what it is. He opens it. An Assassin's Creed Unity pouch with an Assassin's Creed coin in it.

Up next is a Street Fighter headband. PBG tries to put it on, and takes off the stupid hat! He pretends to fight, and just puts explosions in the shot. He complains that he only put explosions in.

He has some cards with codes on them. There is a Pirates v Ninja shirt code, and a Mega Man comic code. He also has a 50% off Lichdom card.

PBG's ferrets are messing around with his hat. PBG also shows off the booklet that came with the box and shows the Mega Man artwork. Pixel also came with the Lootcrate! It's probably not legal to put some ferrets into a Lootcrate box! They are completely useless! PBG is annoyed by his misbehaving ferrets!

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