PBG tries to get chased by a gaint to kill a bunch of bandits.

Giants Are Stupid
Upload Date November 29th 2011
Series Let's Play Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

PBG talks to a guy who needs help. PBG likes his mantlepiece. PBG has already been to the place where he needs to go. PBG tells how he saw a giant that the game didn't say was an enemy. The giant got mad and chased PBG to a temple. The townspeople starting shooting arrows at PBG. The giant came and killed them all! He wants to try to replicate this.

It's funny how everything is happening just as PBG is getting there! PBG shoots at some wolves and kills them. He finds the giant and sees a wolf which he needs to kill. He shoots the giant. The giant starts the chase. PBG decides to save just in case. The giant gets lost but gets close behind PBG.

The giant gets stuck on the rocks. PBG is starting to get bored. Suddenly, the giant starts to bug out and then begins to chase PBG. PBG makes it to the town, and the giant seems to have stopped again, but PBG can still hear him. PBG succeeds in getting the giants to fight the bandits.

PBG laughs as the giant starts killing people. The bandits still want to kill PBG as the giant crushes them. PBG is almost hit by the giant's club. PBG tries to open the door, and gets hit just as he gets to it. After a long cutscene, it is revealed that he made it through the door.

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