PBG turns his character into Link.

Let's Play Skyrim Part 4 - ZELDA!
Upload Date November 25th 2011
Series Let's Play Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

A lot of people suggested to do magic, but PBG has already got a save file for a mage. Other people have suggested Link, which is a funny comment, but PBG thinks that he might actually do that. He will use one handed weapons and shields, change his name to Link, and use armor that looks like Link's armor.

He will be using bows, and become a werewolf like in Twilight Princess. The more he thought about it, the cooler it sounded. PBG even has the moon from Majora's Mask!

He heads to Whiterun. He prefers to play in third person when he is out in the world, and changes to first person in caves. He likes to see his character. PBG wants to look as much like Link as possible, and did his best to make his character look like Link. PBG doesn't know too much about this game, and has only played a little bit more as a mage.

He kills a giant. PBG wants to kill everyone as they won't shut up. PBG will try to avoid magic at all apart from restoring health unless he can find a way to justify it. He will pretend that he has a fairy in a bottle.

He arrives at Whiterun. Bathesda makes some fantastic games, but some small things annoy PBG, as he has some minor issues. He talks about a problem he had in Majora's Mask. PBG talks to Jarl Balgroof the Greater. PBG looks through the armor he has. He jumps into a fire, and nothing happens.

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