PBG continues to play Skyrim, where he finds his first bear.

Let's Play Skyrim Part 2 - Spideys and a BURR
Upload Date November 11th 2011
Series Let's Play Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

PBG took a guys armor, and hits a dead bunny. He gets some new weapons and looks around. He wants a bow, as Ralot, his companion has one. PBG has turned the difficulty up, as he found it too easy before. PBG has to figure out how to manage his inventory better.

PBG finds a skeleton with a coin purse with some gold. He follows the water trail. There are so many things to look at, that it is easy to get distracted. Suddenly, several spiders jump out and start attacking. They weren't as hard as he thought. The spider eggs aren't worth his time. PBG finds something that isn't really a lamp or torch and another skeleton.

PBG sees a bear and wants to fight it. PBG doesn't know how to switch items yet. He shoots at the bear, and hits it. The bear charges, and PBG kills it. PBG finds that he is running too slowly. PBG makes it out of the cave.

He sees the world of Skyrim, and is detected by a dragon. He completes his first mission, and discovers that he was running so slowly because he was crouching! PBG heads to see his companion's sister. PBG thinks about jumping off a rock, and decides it isn't a good idea. He is then distracted by flowers. PBG sees and activates the Warrior Stone.

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