PBG watches the second episode of The Legend of Zelda cartoon.

Legend of Zelda Cartoon #2
Upload Date November 21st 2015
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Zelda Month


Synopsis Edit

PBG misses being a kid and waking up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. Since it is Zelda Month and Saturday, PBG decides to watch the second episode of the Zelda cartoon. PBG is shocked to find that this episode is about cleaning. He mimes Link's roles, and is thrown a mop. PBG has changed his mind, and is no longer watching the Zelda cartoon!

PBG discusses the plot of the episode. PBG's go to move at school was also to be sick, and it usually worked! He decides to make fun with the Super Mario Bros theme instead. The Triforce of Wisdom provides another truth bomb to riggity wreck Zelda!

PBG is impressed at Zelda killing a moby! PBG asks the viewer if they know what a moby is, and then explains that it is an enemy from Zelda II. They also show up in a third CDI game.

Ganon decides to steal the Triforce, and PBG thinks that he is the most screamingest talker, even though he is a YouTuber. Ganon criticizes the "Evil Jar"'s name. Sprite the fairy has a spell cast on her, and it appears to be a very specific spell. PBG says that if you put enough effort into your hobbies, you can get yourself your own evil jar! PBG laughs at a terrible play on words from Link.

PBG can't stand Ganon's voice again. Ganon takes the Triforce unopposed. Why is the Triforce never guarded? The only time PBG remembers seeing a guard in this show, is when he is running away!

PBG continues telling the story. PBG doesn't remember the last time Link  tried a shortcut. Link and Zelda fall into a trap. Ganon is really really really dumb, and becomes pathetic in every conceivable way. Even Link is making fun of Ganon!

Sprite covers her eyes as she tries to save Zelda, and PBG yells at her. On second thought, PBG tells her to keep shooting!

That marks the end of Zelda Month! The Zelda's Adventure logo appears on the screen. PBG tries to convince the viewer that everything has been covered. He doesn't want to play Zelda's Adventure, and leaves as the screen turns to static.

PBG makes noises as he holds the mop. Unicornism comments that it is beautiful.