After poking fun at the Super Mario cartoon, PBG decides to watch the Legend of Zelda Cartoon for Zelda Month.

Legend of Zelda Cartoon
Upload Date November 8th 2014
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Zelda Month


Synopsis Edit

PBG made fun of the Super Mario Bros Super Show previously, but he does like the show. However, the Legend of Zelda cartoon has been regarded as not so good. However, PBG has never seen it, so he decides to try it out for Zelda Month.

He shows the first episode, as discusses the plot of the story. There are some cool action scenes and there is a cool remix of the Zelda theme. If there is one thing people would know from the cartoon, it would be the "Excuse me, Princess" line. Similar to the Super Mario Super Show with the pasta gags, this cartoon uses that catch phrase a lot, and beats a dead horse.

Link is living in Hyrule Castle, and takes up a new hobby in complaining! He also likes Zelda a little too much. Clumsy moblins appear, somehow enter the castle completely undetected. Link creepily says that he liked killing people. Zelda punches Link in the face, which is PBG's favorite part of the show so far. The moblins aren't killed, so Ganon kills them again. The triforce of power can talk now? And he sounds very manly. 

Zelda is pretty annoying too. Ganon enters the magic contest, and nobody hears him! He orders a lizard to attack Zelda, and her guard runs away from it! Link also talks in puns, and Zelda throws a plate. Ganon goes to steal the triforce, and takes his time, and yells just in case he was being too sneaky.

Zelda makes another illogical plan. Somehow they were OK. They fight some Stalfos, and Ganon looks like a moron. Zelda only carried one zap bolt to protect herself! Ganon decides to run away. Zelda doesn't want to kiss Link.

PBG doesn't think its terrible, but it doesn't seem to work very well. The jokes don't work very well in the Zelda universe. The Link character is also a problem. He likes violence way too much, and he doesn't seem to represent the Link character very much. PBG did enjoy watching it a little bit, and would have liked it as a kid. PBG decides to not end with another "Excuse me, princess", because it is kind of dumb.