PBG becomes confident that he will win this time.

LUIGI PARTY! - Mario Party 1 (Part 2)
Upload Date July 15th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Mario Party


Synopsis Edit

Turn 5 Edit

PBG and Jeff try to put on weird terrible intros. Their outros have always been bad. Wario is sent to Bowser. They play Buried Treasure. The last game was Screw Jeff: The Game. PBG spins around on the instruction screen. Jeff gets the chest. There is no way that PBG could have gotten over to it! DK looks really happy.

Turn 6 Edit

Jeff lands on Wario's ? space, but he doesn't have any stars. They play Musical Mushroom. PBG brags about winning this game last time. Peach won this time.

Turn 7 Edit

PBG pasts the koopa, and gets more coins. Wario goes past Bowser, and loses his coins. PBG predicts that Jeff will get the Bowser flower. He doesn't, but he passes Toad. PBG tries to do math. Jeff says not to do math. They play Face Lift. PBG messes up, and is surprised when he wins.

Turn 8 Edit

PBG doesn't want to decorate the cake. Wario goes past Toad, but doesn't have enough coins. Wario then plays Chance Time, where Peach and Wario swap their 0 stars. Jeff plays Ghost Guess. They discuss the fact that sometimes Mario Party is not fair, after some people complain about Chance Time. Some people complain about Mario Kart as well. Jeff succeeds in choosing the correct ghost. PBG and Jeff discuss the one player games. Everyone plays Pipe Maze. PBG correctly guesses his own path and wins. They might as well call it Luigi Party right now!

Turn 9 Edit

PBG is confident that this is his game, that he doesn't look at the mushroom, and gets the poison. PBG is annoyed that he loses a turn. Jeff continues to roll low. They play Bowl Over. Jeff knocks over Peach. PBG and Jeff discusses how skewed the one v three games are. PBG doesn't know how they will name these episodes.

Current Scores Edit

Player / Character Stars Coins
1 PBG 1 43
2 Peach 0 50
3 Jeff 0 36
4 Wario 0 3

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