PBG plays a very weird game and has no idea what he is doing.

LSD Dream Emulator - Part 1 (WHAT AM I DOING?!)
Upload Date February 18th 2015
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG is playing something really weird called LSD Dream Emulator. People have been requesting PBG to play it after Caddicarus made a video on it. PBG has seen a small amount about this game but otherwise knows nothing.

PBG starts by walking through a window. He instantly sees a bunch of dead people on the floor. He thinks he died for a second. He sprints, which makes a weird noise. PBG is surprised by the sound effects. PBG warps to where he was before. PBG apologizes for not shaving.

He walks into a tree and is warped. PBG finds that everything teleports him somewhere. He finds a very strange screen, and is happy to find that he has reached day 2. He sees a bizarre slow cutscene.

He is now in the middle of the face on day 3. He walks upstairs and is transported again. He tries to walk into a town. He sees things sitting on water. PBG has no idea what he is supposed to do. He heads into some wall graffiti. He finds a train track. PBG notices different colored transitions. There are now some guys playing trumpets. This is maddening. There are people dancing. The day ends.

PBG walks up stairs - this game is a good use of PBG's time! PBG is very confused. PBG sees something odd flying into the air.

He makes it to day 5 and is in some kind of town. Some creature walks by. PBG walks into it. There are birds flying around and PBG walks towards a star. It doesn't work and he heads into a building. PBG walks back and forth between two areas. He chases a horse, which jumps over a chasm. He sees some fish and tries to touch them. He decides to jump off a cliff. The map is slowly being covered in white dots. PBG thinks he is doing good.

A guy flashes in front of PBG and then disappears. He walks into a chair which has a purple transition. PBG still isn't sure if this game can be beaten. He finds a very unhelpful signpost. He heads towards the cat face. He thinks he found the cat face area, and PBG freaks out when he hears weird noises. He heads to the train track tunnel. It doesn't seem to matter what the player runs into, it will teleport them somewhere.

PBG runs off a cliff again. PBG sees the map again, and still doesn't understand it. He sees another odd cutscene. The next day, PBG is back in the house. This isn't fun, but PBG is intrigued. PBG decides to end the video.

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