Jeff rolls 3 1's in a row, while Jared and Jeff try to team up on PBG.

LOW ROLL PURGATORY (Ft. ProJared!) - Mario Party 2 (Part 3)
Upload Date November 5th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Mario Party


Synopsis Edit

Jeff doesn't want to play. PBG is not sorry for it.

Turn 10 Edit

PBG changes the show name to PBG and Jared and Jeff to demote Jeff! They play Lava Tile Isle. Jeff wins. The blocks look scary.

Turn 11 Edit

PBG can't keep track of the ? spaces. PBG finds another Hidden Block which has coins. PBG whispers that Jeff hasn't got a single hidden block yet. They play Abandon Ship. Jeff compares this game to Titanic! PBG wins. PBG is making up his childhood failures!

Turn 12 Edit

Jeff is sent back to the start again. Jeff wants to start crying. PBG calls the characters "Peeb" and "Joof". They can't believe the shark and ? spaces sending everyone back. PBG and Jared like Shell Shocked. Jared wins.

Turn 13 Edit

Donkey Kong is cursed. They play a Battle Mini game, and play Face Lift. PBG wins, and Jeff comes second. PBG now has 108 coins! PBG buys a golden mushroom. Jared and Jeff try to start a truce. They play Mecha-Marathon. PBG is very confident. Jared wins by a long way.

Turn 14 Edit

Everyone laughs at Jeff as he rolls a 1 onto a red space. PBG uses his golden mushroom. He lands on the shark, sending him all the way back! There has still not been a star this entire game! They play Move to the Music. Everyone fails badly, and Jeff wins. Jared is angry, as he does nothing when Jeff did nothing.

Turn 15 Edit

Jeff rolls a 1 again!

Todd: "Hi there! Time for a quick math break. Jeff has rolled three 1's in a row. Wowzers! That's only a .1% chance! Let's hope he doesn't cry after this. He probably will."

Jeff complains. Jared gets past the shark and gets excited. PBG lands on another Bowser space. PBG has to give 20 coins to Bowser. They play Bowl Over. PBG's second shot misses both Wario and DK, so the others win. Jeff claims to be in first, and the faces of the characters switch.

Current scores Edit

Player / Character Stars Coins
1 PBG 1 72
2 Jared 1 57
3 Wario 1 55
4 Jeff 0 63

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