PBG and Jeff play another bee level.

KING ZING: Donkey Kong Country 2 #9
Upload Date August 17th 2015
Series PB&Jeff

Donkey Kong Country 2


Synopsis Edit

They sucked at this game last time! They are intrigued by another bee level. PBG makes bad decisions. Jeff talks about his controllers, as PBG dies and falls a long way. PBG notices something that they do, but don't want people pointing it out constantly. Jeff does an impressive jump to get the O. Jeff gets to be Rambi. Rambi is the power of 'you get to play forever'.

Jeff has to run away from a bee chasing him, but gets chased down. PBG wonders how he is supposed to get a DK coin above the Rambi exit. Jeff forgets the other Kong's name. Jeff completes the level with Rambi.

They make it to the boss. PBG foreshadows the end of the video. PBG plays as the parrot, and has to hit the bee. PBG ends up yelling 'No' in a weird voice as he dies. Jeff takes over as PBG makes noises. Jeff starts to panic as the bee moves quickly. He gets hit and is killed. PBG wonders where the monkeys went. PBG thinks he has figured out the secret - and dies.

Jeff defeats the bee - only for smaller bees to appear. Jeff wins. They need to find a save point. They complain about having to play another level to get a coin so they can save.

PBG cuts Jeff out of the outro again.

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