PBG and Jeff play Star Wars Rogue Squadron.

KILLING CIVILIANS! - Star Wars Rogue Squadron
Upload Date December 23rd 2015
Series PB&Jeff


Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff are playing Star Wars Rogue Squadron. Jeff played a lot of Star Wars games growing up. They start typing in codes. PBG remembers the 'IGIVEUP' code. PBG calls the file 'PBB', ignoring Jeff entirely. They laugh at a guy running slowly beneath the ship.

PBG attempts to shoot some robots. PBG's favorite Star Wars vehicle is the A-Wing. PBG tries to go slower, but can't figure out if it is working or not. PBG wants to go for the gold medal, but keeps on missing. PBG's favorite movie is Empire Strikes Back. PBG likes killing civilians.

PBG completes the first level. PBG does not get a medal, but gets close to bronze. Jeff begins the next stage and tries to talk like one of the drones. They discuss other Star Wars games. Jeff blows up the enemies on the ground. They both go 'Whooooa!' as Jeff goes faster. Jeff likes these controls better then the controls in Star Wars Battlefront.

PBG wants Jeff to suicide bomb. Jeff succeeds. Jeff has infinite lives, so his new strategy is to ram into enemies if he needs to! Gamecube games hold up much better then Nintendo 64 games. Jeff whispers that he chose the videos to click on, and PBG argues that Jeff didn't do anything!

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