"Jon’s known far and wide for his ability to play a massive variety of games, and he brings that competence to Hardcore as well. No stranger to self-proficiency, Jon’s keen to travel solo, quietly finding ways to achieve on his own what would elsewise take many."
— Jon's description during Terraria Hardcore Season 3

Jonathan Wheeler (more commonly known by his YouTube name, ProtonJon) is a let's player, originally from the group Something Awful, and later joining The Runaway Guys alongisde NintendoCapriSun and Chuggaconroy.

Appearances on HardcoreEdit

ProtonJon is the only Hardcore player to take part in multiple seasons yet never reach the final episode.

Hardcore StatsEdit

Season Episode of Death Cause of Death Remaining Players Other notes Last Words
Terraria #2 19 Falls to his death SpaceHamster, McJones "Oh, shit!"
Terraria #3 11 Crushed by a boulder PBG, Lucahjin, SpaceHamster, Yungtown, McJones, Dean "Oh, no!"


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