JonTron (a.k.a. Jon) is a part of NormalBoots and he also has his own Youtube channel. He was a friend of Peanut Butter Gamer and used to be his roommate. The pair started NormalBoots together after making content with ScrewAttack and GameTrailers.

Appearances Edit

Jon is seen in the background of Derby Dogs.

Jon is heard directing PBG in Cursed Mountain.

He appears in the Hatoful Boyfriend review when some kind of pigeon agency in the game threatens to kill PBG because he didn't get a pigeon boyfriend. PBG needs a bird to speak for his defense and remembers Jacques, Jon's robotic pet bird. PBG calls Jon to borrow Jacques, but Jon doesn't let him.

In Jon's video "Apples and Grapes", Jon tries to review MySims, and makes many jokes about PBG. He names himself Austinisgay and lasted less time reviewing the game than PBG did. By the end Jon runs from his home to Texas and gets to PBG's house, when he hates the game, and thay find Jacques there, who insists that he can teleport.

Appearances on PBGGameplay Edit

PBG and Jon play Battlefield 3, where they both crash a lot.

Appearances in HardcoreEdit

Jon repeatedly does crazy outlandish things in Hardcore, regularly to be scorned by the other players for being so ludicrous. That said, he usually survives his own crazy schemes, and has lived to the end of the first Minecraft season. He is the one who built the lava house in Minecraft season 3, making everyone else leave him! He has attempted suicide several times during Hardcore. In DayZ, he actually survived the jump off the lighthouse, the one PBG died to, but is killed by zombies seconds later.

Other mentions Edit

Jon is mentioned a lot in series of Hardcore he isn't in, due to his shenanigans.

Jon is one of the Normal Boots members to die in Rollercoaster Tycoon 2.

Hardcore Stats Edit

Season Episode of Death Cause of Death Remaining players Other notes
Minecraft 1 none - Barry Jon and Barry have a duel to the death. Barry wins
DayZ 1 Jumping off a building Barry, Dean, Ross, Jared Jon jumped off the building after he saw PBG do it seconds earlier, and survives, only to be killed by zombies moments after.
Terraria 1 7 Killed by a demon eye Jeff, Austin Jon tried to kill himself by repeatedly jumping off the house earlier in episode 7, but failed. He was then taken down by a demon eye that trapped him in a corner and hit him repeatedly.
Minecraft 3 7 Poisoned by a witch, attacked by a zombie, and shot by a skeleton Jared, McJones, Austin, Shane, Smooth McGroove