PBG and Jeff press it to jump!

I PRESSED IT TO JUMP!? - Donkey Kong Country 2 #16
Upload Date October 5th 2015
Series PB&Jeff

Donkey Kong Country 2


Synopsis Edit

They aren't looking good, as they are moving to the boss with no lives. They go back to an old level to get some more lives. PBG dies during the level, and they get a game over.

They don't want to play that level again! They play the next level, and PBG tries to get a coin by spinning, but fails. PBG does it again! Jeff struggles at the next section. They both struggle and lose a lot of lives in the same spot over and over. PBG asks Lord Sonic why he is doing so badly. PBG loses his mind as he panics. Jeff is sure that he pressed it to jump!

Jeff imagines that all he says is "I pressed it to jump!" PBG and Jeff are terrified as they keep on dying. PBG sings his own stupid lyrics to Bad Day. Jeff is amazed that people still don't know Austin's name. PBG and Jeff lose their minds!

Jeff takes care of the Sonic's while PBG continues to say "I pressed it to jump!" They get further then they got before, PBG thinks that he had a jump, but it didn't count. PBG threatens to give away the whole series. Jeff coaches PBG on how to take care of the Sonics, but PBG doesn't want to. PBG struggles with the rolling jump. PBG wants to make another apology video for doing so badly.

With broken spirits, they continue to try to press it to jump. PBG has a zen moment, before attempting the jump again, but still misses. PBG gets Jeff to put in intense music as Jeff makes his way through the level. Jeff makes it to the halfway mark. They discover another bird, and have to race it. The bird cheats by going through bees.

PBG gets anxious and does badly. Jeff tries to go fast, but dies on the thickets. Jeff gets really far ahead, but continues to struggle with the bees. PBG tries, and does much better. PBG deflects everything he struggled with as a kid to his brother. Jeff progresses through the maze, but the other bird catches up, causing Jeff to panic.

They wonder if they even need to win the race to beat the level. They discover that it does kill the player. Jeff wins the race and they cheer.

I pressed it to jump! I pressed it to jump!

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