PBG and Jeff continue to play WarioWare.

IT'S NOT WEIRD! - Wario Ware Smooth Moves #3
Upload Date November 9th 2015
Series PB&Jeff


Synopsis Edit

Jeff leaves PBG hanging during the intro. PBG walks off and quits. They start Ashley's levels. The microgames are ones they haven't played yet. They have to put the WiiMote on the table and bend down. It's not weird. PBG tries to get Jeff to fail. Jeff has to roll a 1 on a dice, but fails because he rolled a 2. Jeff is annoyed that he has to keep on doing the discard and having to bend over. The boss battle involves lifting the WiiMote when a burger is complete.

PBG and Jeff change places. PBG does Dribble and Splitz's level. PBG decides that whoever does the best gets to play the last game. PBG shows off his muscles. PBG wins an arm wrestling game by doing nothing! PBG likes the awkward change of art styles. PBG's boss involves running through a course and avoiding being hit by things and shooting bananas. He fails the first time. He has to shoot bananas into a nose. Their camera messes up again, and the camera is reset.

Jeff does Penny's games. Jeff pretends to punch PBG with the WiiMote, and PBG flies off camera. Jeff wins a game on accident. Jeff's boss involves him fighting a swordsman. They are excited about the next game. Sometimes PBG forgets how to be nice to the audience as he doesn't care about the people who come in late.

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