PBG gets scared playing Alien Isolation!

IT'S A VIDEO - Alien Isolation Part Only
Upload Date November 17th 2014
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG didn't expect this kind of video on his channel. Between Zelda Month videos (as he struggles to solve a puzzle), he has been playing Alien: Isolation. He doesn't usually play scary games, and he finds himself genuinely afraid. PBG has tried this part a few times, and died, and was genuinely afraid both times.

He sees the alien nearby. PBG tries to track the alien. PBG sees the alien get close, and bails. PBG opens a door, and sees the alien right there! The alien follows him, and PBG panics and fails to get away.

The only things that PBG are afraid of are aliens and sharks! PBG thinks he will remember the code he needs. He tries to hide under the table again. PBG opens a door, and thinks the alien saw him. PBG watches the alien pace. As PBG hides under the table, the alien walks right past him. PBG continues to try to hide while looking where he thinks the alien is.

He types the code into the door, and opens it. PBG doesn't want to hear the scream. The alien is right next to him! He can hear the alien. He thinks it was staged. PBG doesn't know where to go. PBG hides in a locker. He sees a whiteboard with room numbers that he needs to go on it.

PBG started freaking out when the alien started to show up. PBG checks out the room he was told to go to. He looks around the room searching for the card he needs.

The alien may be returning, and PBG hides in a locker. The alien enters the room, before leaving. She comes back in! PBG leaves the locker once the alien leaves. He gets back in to the locker. Later, PBG walks right in front of the alien, and she walks past him! PBG accidentally swings. He heads into the ventilation system. PBG hopes that the alien won't come in here.

PBG hides in a locker while the alien walks past, and he isn't too afraid. This game scares him sometimes, but not a lot. He knows when he is in the 'safe zone'. PBG finds some computer screens. He jumps into a locker just in case. The alien is wasting his time as it comes into the room. The alien bursts into the locker, and kills PBG. PBG wonders how he was spotted! PBG's heart is beating quickly.

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