PBG tries to make it into a team in NBA 2K15.

Upload Date October 31st 2014
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG is making a video about NBA 2K15, and thinks it would be a funny little one-off. PBG creates his character. PBG has always liked basketball. PBG is trying to make a funny looking character. PBG looks through the options and makes him as short and light as possible. His nickname will be "Bottoms"!

The character is at home waiting to be drafted. PBG finds the voice to be very weird. PBG looks at the teams who are interested in him. He chooses the Mavericks, even though he has a 14% interest.

PBG starts playing. He has no idea what he is doing. PBG gets scared when the ball is passed to him! He successfully gets a steal. His score is improving. PBG constantly misses the basket. He gets excited when he finally gets a score. He loses a lot of points for making bad charge attempts. PBG gets his character go to pee rather then play. He does not make the team.

He decides to play for the Phoenix Suns instead, which has a 99% interest score. He gets a three pointer from a long way out! He begins to miss a lot of shots. He keeps on travelling. PBG has one last shot to impress and makes the shot. He doesn't make the team.

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