Jared joins PBG and Jeff to play the Pirate Land stage in Mario Party 2. PBG and Jared both start with a star from hidden blocks!

HIDDEN BLOCKS?! (Ft. ProJared!) - Mario Party 2 (Part 1)
Upload Date October 31st 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Mario Party


Synopsis Edit

Jared wanted to do his intro, so he introduced himself as "Hey, it's me ProJared." PBG pauses the Wii. This is their favorite Mario Party game, and they discuss the odd Mario Party 1 mini games. Jeff almost got his hand infected from a blister from playing Mario Party. They discuss which map to play on, and they play in Pirate Land.

Jared mentions how DK was removed as a character. They discuss the confusion with the bonus stars in the first game. They discuss the officialism of using the Virtual Console games rather then a cartridge.

Turn 1 Edit

Jeff rolls a 10 on his first turn, and goes past the bank. Jared lands on the bank and gets Jeff's 5 coins! PBG rolls a 1. The first game is Shock Drop or Roll. Jeff falls off immediately. Jared wins. Jared plays for blood!

Turn 2 Edit

Jared buys a mushroom. PBG rolls another 1! They next game is Looney Lumberjacks. PBG and Wario win because they have a computer!

Turn 3 Edit

Jeff is sent back to the beginning. Jared gets a hidden block, and gets 20 coins. PBG also gets a hidden block, and gets a star after saying how much he hates it. Wario buys a golden mushroom, before being sent back to the start. They play Lights Out. PBG sticks with his opinion of not liking hidden blocks. Jeff knocks everyone out to win.

Turn 4 Edit

The Mario Party 1 games are so slanted towards one side. Jared uses his mushroom to go for the star. Jeff complains about his bad luck. Jared is forced away from the star, but gets another hidden block, which contains a star! Todd is digging this. PBG lands on a Bowser space. Bowser's Coin Potluck forces everyone to give coins to Bowser. Wario lands on the bank. They play Filet Relay. This has been a weird game so far. They have to penguin just right! PBG and Mario both fall over right near the end, and PBG wins.

It has been insane so far. It won't get any better then that.

Current Scores Edit

Player / Character Stars Coins
1 Jared 1 29
2 PBG 1 18
3 Jeff 0 14
4 Wario 0 5

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