PBG plays Guns of Icarus to practice for the TGS Battle Royale. He plays so badly that everyone hates him!

Guns of Icarus Online - Everybody Hates PBG
Upload Date May 1st 2013
Series One offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG is playing Guns of Icarus Online. PBG will be in a competition for The Game Station that he was invited to for a Kickstarter. There will be other people from The Game Station there to. PBG has never played this before, and he has no idea what he is doing.

He goes into the tutorials. He doesn't read it fast enough! PBG shoots at a target. He moves on to the next tutorial. He doesn't finish it in time either. These tutorials go through really quickly, and he reads the next tutorial in a different voice. This one is more complicated, and it takes PBG a lot time to figure out what to do. He starts driving his airship, and sails through balloons. He passes the tutorial.

He joins a match. PBG finds another player's odd speech hilarious. If they die, it's all PBG's fault! They get blown up. They play again. PBG tries to help, but they blew up. Everyone on PBG's team hates him.

PBG tries again, and hopes to not suck as much this time. He explains what his job will be. A fan of PBG is playing with him, and can't believe that he is playing with PBG. He manages to repair some things. Eventually, they get blown up again, but PBG thinks he did better this time.

They get shot at very quickly, as PBG quickly tries to repair the ship. They get destroyed, as one ship kept on blasting at them.

PBG sees two enemy ships. PBG tries to aim at one of the ships but can't, and the ship takes heavy damage, so PBG tries to fix stuff. PBG shoots at somebody. PBG gets back to repairing stuff. PBG thinks he sees a bad guy, and starts shooting. They have sneaked up on an enemy ship, and PBG continues to fix things.

They are about to crash into the other ship, and there is a large explosion on their ship. PBG fires at the enemy ship. PBG's team takes heavy fire, and gets taken out.

PBG accidentally falls off the ship! PBG shoots at an enemy ship. PBG tries to fix his ship. PBG thinks he knows what he is doing now.

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