PBG and Jeff return to playing Goofball Goals.

Goofball Goals THE REVENGE! - PB&Jeff
Upload Date December 13th 2014
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff are playing Goofball Goals again. They haven't played in about 8 months, and it is time for Jeff's revenge! This was one of the first videos that Jeff edited. Jeff discusses the Sucking at video where PBG got really mad! PBG was legitimately mad! PBG is throwing soccer balls at the guys.

They start playing, and PBG starts by falling over. The players are not very good at anything. One guy screams like he is dying. The ball gets stuck in a corner, and since the walls don't break now, it is hard to get it out. Jeff gets a good kick out, and PBG's wall of defense struggles to get the ball out.

PBG gets an own goal, and Jeff wins! The players freak out!

They lower the number of players for the next game. PBG tries to score from the start, but falls over the ball! Jeff kicks the ball into one of PBG's players. They have found out that side kicks are most effective. PBG tries to strafe. PBG blocks Jeff again. Jeff kicks the ball into PBG's line of defense.

Jeff has a shot at goal, and one of PBG's goalies knock the ball away! One of PBG's players is having a seizure. Jeff manages to break a wall as he has a seizure on it. Jeff kicks the ball towards PBG's goal, and PBG tries to help out by passing to his forwards.

Jeff gets the ball away with a desperation kick. Jeff gets the ball back into the corner. PBG kicks his opponents over. The ball gets knocked over the wall! Jeff breaks through the wall. PBG continues trying to break the wall to get the ball back. They discover that they can walk and dribble. Jeff somehow kicks it back in play. Jeff can't get his guy back in play!

His guy is doomed to walk in the desert forever. He face plants as he walks away. He falls off the edge of the map! They finally get back to playing.The ball gets stuck in the wall again. They quit the game and reset.

PBG gets a shot towards his goal. PBG pressures Jeff to make a mistake. The ball gets knocked away. The ball gets stuck on the wall again. Jeff gets a shot on goal, and PBG defends it. The ball gets stuck in the corner again. Jeff breaks the wall. Jeff does a flip.

PBG kicks the ball way out of bounds. They chase the ball, where the two keep on tripping each other over. Jeff kicks the ball closer to the field, and PBG claims that he hasn't won until the ball is back in play. Jeff kicks the goal through the back of his own net, and PBG wins! Jeff is angry!

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