PBG and Jeff play Goofball Goals again, and tamper with the crazy settings.

Goofball Goals BIG BALLS! - PB&Jeff
Upload Date December 22nd 2014
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff are playing Goofball Goals again, but Jeff claims that he isn't playing. There are no walls, and 5 big balls this time! The players can barely kick it. PBG goes straight for a goal, but fails. PBG dribbles a ball. Jeff starts to rush the ball to his goal without PBG noticing! PBG tries to trick Jeff into being distracted.

PBG gets close to the goal, and one guy defends with his arm! Jeff gets the ball away. Jeff gets a ball close to the goal, and PBG gets rid of it. Jeff scores and wins!

They reset with tiny balls.PBG kicks the balls, and Jeff falls down. Jeff can't even kick the tiny balls! PBG almost scores on himself. PBG shoots at the goal, but is blocked. Jeff shoots and is blocked. PBG kicks a ball away. PBG scores and Jeff didn't even see it!

The next game has around 30 balls and lots more players! PBG kicks the balls towards the goal. Jeff can't even do anything. PBG claims that people are keeping count of every game they play, and that this one counts despite Jeff's computer issues. Jeff is trying to score. PBG kicks a goal and it flies into the goal! Jeff's game catches up several seconds later. PBG jokes that he sent Jeff a virus.

They try the same thing with less people this time. Jeff kicks first. The players just step on the balls. PBG kicks one of the balls into the goal from the center!

They now have tiny goals! They are going to keep on playing until they get bored. PBG gets some good kicks. PBG wants some epic music as he tries to dribble the ball. He misses, and Jeff trips him over. PBG gets a long shot and scores! PBG wants more reasons to show that he is better than Jeff at games. Jeff hates this game!

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