PBG and Jeff play Goofball Goals - a very strange game.

Goofball Goals?! - W/SpaceHamster!
Upload Date March 26th 2014
Series One offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG is playing a stupid game called Goofball Goals as a plane goes over. PBG looks at the controls. He is playing with SpaceHamster. PBG is red, Jeff is blue. All the characters run straight at the ball and fall over everywhere. PBG tries to shoot, but the ball goes backwards. PBG breaks the wall! They kick the ball out of the arena! They decide to reset to stop the players all running to the ball.

Both players fall over. PBG can't get up. Jeff gets a good kick off. PBG sort of kicks the ball. Jeff figures out how to move his other players around, and he keeps falling over. PBG comments on the player's nice butts! Jeff knicks over the wall. PBG tries to kick the ball, but falls over it. PBG finds out that he can break the goal! PBG scores through the back of the net, and wins! One of Jeff's players has faceplants on the goal!

They reset again. PBG gets a good kickoff, but the ball ends out outside the arena! Jeff has lined up a large defensive wall. The players fall over for no reason. PBG gets past Jeff's line of defense, but kicks it too well, and it ends up on the other side! PBG ends up putting the ball under a piece of the wall! Jeff gets the ball back, and almost scores on himself.

Jeff defends a shot from PBG. Jeff tries to score, and PBG saves it. Jeff goes to score, but one of his own players kicks the ball away! Jeff has some more shots at goal, but they are defended. They taunt each other, before Jeff barely hits the ball. Jeff ruins his chance.

Jeff gets close again, but can't stand up long enough to kick it. PBG gets it down his end. Jeff trips PBG up! Jeff clears it. Jeff gets it down his end. They both fall over the ball.PBG kicks it to Jeff, but Jeff falls over. PBG lines up an open goal, and scores and wins! They feel like it was Jeff's game to lose!

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