PBG's dogs make him go bankrupt, so he has to go to the thrift store to buy some games. Also Arthur.

Goodwill Games #4
Upload Date August 27th 2016
Series Goodwill Games


Synopsis Edit

PBG is counting down the most expensive games ever made. He checks his bank account, and finds he is bankrupt. Azura has a hot dog costume and a credit card. She has a small bag of gold. Luka is a burger! PBG has to go to the thrift store to buy games instead. PBG sings along with the Arthur theme while he drives. He yells at someone on the way.

The first game is Ever Girl. Adventure! Yeah! PBG names his character Sarahfanny. The character is clearly magical as she cuts her hair before it grows back. PBG reads the words written in the loading screen. The loading screens are only there for a second. Sarahfanny plays basketball. PBG tries to play basketball too, but drops the ball. He did his best!

The person at the soccer field needs a lot of things. PBG needs to keep the camera on the ball as well as the advertising billboards during the middle of the game! PBG complains that he also has to buy a camera for Emily - whose name is actually Ashley, and PBG has been calling her Emily this whole time! PBG shows off the other amazing mini games. PBG hated the acting one. PBG was thinking that taking pictures of aliens would be more interesting then having to take pictures of raccoons, and then it happened!

PBG then competes in the competition, and gets stuck hitting everything. The game calls it the Iron girl and the Golden Girl. PBG wants some consistency. The concept was interesting, but it was the same thing over and over.

PBG finds Charlie Church Mouse Preschool. He decides not to play it.

He finds Arthur's Thinking Games. PBG loves Arthur! The intro music is weird. Why didn't they use the best theme show music ever made? It freezes! It took hours to make the game work - mostly. The characters keep on interrupting each other.

PBG plays DW's game, throwing water balloons at a dragon. The catapult is hard to move. Buster's doesn't work very well. He can never remember one of the character's names. She wants to make horrible music. Mr Ratburn's game is a quiz. Muffy couldn't get a single answer right. Her answer is a line! PBG can't make out what Ratburn is saying so he has to guess the answer. Ooo-kay! Muffy continues to make horrible suggestions.

PBG finds Freddie Fish 2. A cutout of Ian's face appears, reminding him of when they played the first game together. PBG doesn't want to talk to brutalmoose, and decides to go. PBG plays basketball as Todd commentates. He misses several times because he sucks at everything!

brutalmoose tries to sound like a robot.

Trivia Edit

  • Pixel was originally going to be dressed up too, but he didn't like his costume.