PBG goes back to a thrift store to buy some more cheap games. Part 1 is here.

Goodwill Games #2
Upload Date March 25th 2015
Series Goodwill Games


Synopsis Edit

PBG thinks it is time to make another Goodwill Games video. He uses to be able to walk into a thrift store and find anything good. These days, everything worth anything is sold on the internet.

The first game is The Magic School Bus Explores the Ocean. The game isn't running properly and Dorothy Ann's top half of her body didn't load. He creates his character, and somehow the default was even more horrifying than what he came up with last time! The characters are on a beach, and there are a few mini games including a crab that eats clams. PBG eventually got bored and gave up.

Apparently to find the treasure, Ms Frizzle needs to shrink her class down into tiny edible pieces - what could possibly go wrong! This game is about learning, and the game crashes, and has graphical glitches. PBG isn't sure about how much more of this he can take. The treasure ends up being plants!

The next game is Its the Big Game, Charlie Brown! The words "Good Grief" are in the same font as the title. PBG discusses the intro, and Lucy is bad at insults, and PBG makes a pun. PBG loves the graphics in this game. It looks exactly like the cartoons and comics. PBG has to play the piano to get one of the kids to join the team. PBG tries to practice pitching, and Schroeder insults him for not getting the ball over the plate, even though it did!

The whole game works out as finding someone, solving their problems and playing a baseball tutorial until the whole team has been recruited. It's slow, linear and not much fun. After getting the entire team together, the whole team doesn't look excited to play as well. The actual baseball game is just as slow as the rest of the game.

PBG says if someone wants to play a real baseball game, they could play Backyard Baseball, a favorite of PBG's. One of the characters gets caught out, and PBG rages telling the him the whole team is finished because of him.

The next game is Mia. A poop spider starts singing to him. Apart from the intro, the game didn't work, so PBG finds a newer version of the game that he could get to work - Mia Romaine's New Hat. The intro, is slightly terrifying. The character has to find her way home and buy a new hat, and the character is kind of dumb. A frog needs to have his jeep fixed, which is easy, and the frog would be perfectly suited for let's plays.

The game involves walking around and solving quizzes. Suddenly, the poop spider appears again. Mia isn't too scared of him, but PBG sure is! The box says that Mia would occasionally do whatever she wanted rather than perform the actions the player, wants her to do, however, PBG found that she was way too eager to do everything PBG wanted her to do. PBG wants her to jump off a cliff - and she does. She 'accidentally' flushes a rat down a sink. The game glitches, and Mia gets stuck, so PBG had to reset the game, however, despite saving multiple times, there was no save data to be found! He decides that he doesn't have to play anymore.

This video was in memory of Namira, PBG's dog who died in March 2015. She was born in December 2013.

Trivia Edit

  • In Magic School Bus, PBG's name is PeeBuns, and his age is 732.