PBG went to a thrift store and bought some games. Did he get anything good?

Goodwill Games
Upload Date September 30th 2013
Series The PeanutButterGamer Show


Synopsis Edit

PBG drinks from a Mickey Mouse mug as Grand Theft Auto V footage is played. As usual, he spills it all over himself. PBG realizes that he needs to make a video. He finds that he doesn't have a video game to review, and has only a few dollars (among other things) to buy more.

He goes to the thrift store, and he begins with The Magic School Bus: Explores the Human body. This game is the one he remembers the most as a kid. He investigates the box, and Ms Frizzle looks like a dude. One of the characters stares at PBG.

Since when does Liz talk? This is going to be like the Putt Putt games, and PBG complains about how there are always bees in these games!

PBG makes his character look as hideous as possible, and as usual calls him EESDESESESRDT. His age is also 123456789. PBG doesn't know what to do after going into Arnold. PBG makes Arnold do stuff. It is also possible to watch Arnold's memories! Even as a kid that liked the TV show, PBG doesn't think it would have helped him learn that much.

The next game is I Spy: Spooly Mansion, and demonstrates how the books worked. He looks at the back of the case. PBG likes how his name is put into various places throughout the game. PBG appears terrified by the skeleton introducing him to the game.

The game is actually kind of tricky. It uses both variations of the word horn in one puzzle, which tricks PBG. PBG also resorts to the click everything on the screen until you solve the puzzle solution. After completing the puzzles, the skeleton lets PBG leave, and offers to play again. PBG doesn't want to as the last time he did, he got trapped in the house! He tries again anyway, and gets killed. The game is pretty fun, and PBG actually knew what he actually had to do unlike in Magic School Bus.

Finally, and probably least, is Barbie Explorer for the PS1. PBG describes the story. PBG mocks the characters for leaving so much diamond behind. PBG is lost already, and he hasn't even started yet. The music is way too loud and the guy's voice is drowned out. PBG finds that there isn't much to this game, apart from Barbie being trampled by an elephant, and rolling to her death!

PBG discusses what he will be doing for Zelda Month.

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