PBG shows off his Wii Sports Resort Basketball skills.

GRAMPS MVP: Wii Sports Resort
Upload Date August 21st 2015
Series PB&Jeff


Synopsis Edit

They are playing Wii Sports Resort. PBG has to put his safety strap on. PBG lies that Jeff wanted to play Wii Sports Resort Basketball. PBG is really good at the Basketball game. Nobody wants to play against him anymore. PBG goes and gets most of gets most of his shots for a score of 25. Jeff struggles with it, but gets better. Some of the shots fall onto the ground. Jeff gets a score of 12 and runs out of time.

The change to the pickup game. PBG tells Jeff how to play as he passes the ball around. One of Jeff's players fall over. Jeff tries to shoot, but is blocked. Jeff successfully steals. PBG blocks a shot with his face! PBG manages to dunk it because he was right in front of the net. Jeff almost dunks, but doesn't realize that he actually has to shoot.

Jeff succeeds in dunking. Jeff can duke PBG, but misses the shot. Jeff complains that Gramps couldn't take a shot. PBG explains that he has to convince people to play with him, and they only play once. PBG passes the ball straight to Jeff. PBG wins the game 15-6.

They play again. Jeff is sad that he doesn't get to play with Gramps any more. PBG has to make sure he doesn't lose as Jeff starts to catch up. PBG wants to make sure he keeps his winning streak. PBG keeps on passing straight to Jeff. PBG sneaks past Jeff's players who fall over as he dunks. Jeff replies with a satisfying dunk. PBG gets worried, but makes his final shot. Jeff gets a 3 on the buzzer, and only loses by 1. PBG wins 16-15.

PBG feels good that he got to have his moment. PBG rambles to the end of the video, and Jeff cuts him off.

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