The game becomes difficult, and PBG and Jeff game over.

GAME OVER: Donkey Kong Country 2 #14
Upload Date September 21st 2015
Series PB&Jeff

Donkey Kong Country 2


Synopsis Edit

They have to pay attention on this level! PBG is annoyed that he died to an enemy that he should have beaten. They are starting a new session, so their lives have reset. Jeff is killed by a porcupine. PBG is distracted again, and wants to start over.

They have two lives left now. PBG gets the rhino. Jeff calls the rhino Biggins, and then changes it to Otto. Jeff makes it to the checkpoint. Jeff is worried that the game will try to trick them. PBG gets swiped by a vulture. Jeff gets disappointed when he dies to an enemy's weapon after it has already died. PBG dies in the same spot after claiming he wouldn't. Jeff tries to follow an arrow, but gets stuck and is killed. PBG would make a trap like that if he made a game!

PBG continues to die from the vultures. PBG accuses Jeff of cheating because he has better abilities. Jeff gets past the vultures. They get a game over. PBG decides that the Kongs are either going to be executed or starved to death!

PBG finally gets past the vultures. They couldn't get any further. PBG says that Jeff died at the same point three times in a row, and didn't show it. They discuss the hate comments on the internet. PBG is too old to cry to his mom about a comment on YouTube. Jeff gets past the enemies they were struggling with. They make it to the end of the level.

PBG realizes that they have to do another level, because they can't save! Jeff says Adios to end the video, and Jeff yells at him.

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