This is an announcement video to advertise PBG's gameplay channel, PBGGameplay.

Upload Date September 7th 2012
Series Announcements


Synopsis Edit

PBG is arguing on the phone at a 'typical' day at work. He states that there will be a new video coming soon. He has an announcement. PBG gets complaints about not making enough videos, and a few months ago, he made his secondary channel, PBGGameplay. They will be extra content, and will not affect the content of the main content.

There will be two main series on the channel. The first in Hardcore. The second series is a Collection series, where PBG collects a series of tasks. It will be goal based, rather than a traditional let's play series, and he is currently making one for Majora's Mask.

He ends the video saying that he is not good at making vlogs.