Pixel is Austin's pet ferret. Austin also has another ferret that he got after Pixel. Her name is 8-Bit. Both ferrets are female. While both ferrets always hang out together, only Pixel is regularly seen in PBG's videos. Pixel is the older ferret, as 8-Bit was born in September 2013.


Appearances Edit

Pixel is first seen in Harvest Moon Animal Parade, as PBG gets a pet ferret in the game and names it after her. PBG makes a song about Pixel. Pixel is seen on PBG's shoulder, and falls off. Austin laughs at her.

Pixel is seen again when PBG doesn't know how to end a segment in the Top 10 Mario Games.

Both Pixel and 8-Bit walk on PBG as he tries to play Link The Faces of Evil.

PBG compares Luigi being the main character in Mario is Missing to an episode of PBG hosted by Pixel. Pixel sits on PBG's chair. He thinks it might make for a better video!

A picture of Pixel is seen in Pokemon Snap.

PBG picks up Pixel in the Top 10 Favorite Games video. She wants to be put back down.