PBG deals barely any damage to enemies, and dies quickly - ending the series.

Fallout 4 ONLY ONE LIFE! - Part 4 (I DO NO DAMAGE!)
Upload Date December 18th 2015
Series Fallout 4 - Only One Life


Synopsis Edit

PBG is interrupted by two enemies. Instead of talking about his hair, he tries to stealth from the yoa guard. PBG thinks that the one he attacked last episode came back with a friend! PBG tries to run away, and calls for help. He can't damage anyone! PBG decides to go in a different direction and gets lost.

PBG is spotted again, and panics as he doesn't want to die at the beginning of the episode! PBG kills a bad guy, and sees a scavenger. Suddenly, PBG gets shot at and shoots the mutant hounds attacking him. He tries to heal himself and resorts to drugs. PBG tries to shoot at the dogs, but is killed.

He only got to episode 4, and lasted barely over 5 minutes! PBG apologises for dying, but doesn't understand why. A montage of Franchesco's life is shown.

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