Fallout 4 ONLY ONE LIFE! - Part 3 (STILL POOR!)
Upload Date December 16th 2015
Series Fallout 4 Only One Life!


PBG is almost killed trying to cross a bridge, sells all his stuff, and tries to fight a monster from inside a building.

Synopsis Edit

PBG heads into the city, and can hear gunfire. PBG apologises for the lack of consistency of the channel lately. He sees a robot walking nearby, which just ignores him, so PBG doesn't fight him. PBG crosses a bridge and starts shooting raiders. PBG yells as he is hit by a Molotov! PBG thinks about leaving after having to heal. Another Molotov flies in, and PBG is crippled!

PBG picks up everything he can. PBG helps a security officer shoot super mutants. PBG does almost no damage to the enemies as he wastes his ammo. PBG yells as he is almost killed by a mine. PBG can't walk very well! PBG finds a lot more bottlecaps with his perk.

PBG laughs at his ugly character as he watches a cutscene. PBG gets in to the Jewel of the Commonwealth, by kind of lying. PBG arrives in Diamond City, and expects his head to be blown off. He barters, and sells his stuff for money. He buys 4 Stimpaks. PBG sells his wedding rings. PBG can only afford one radaway.

PBG heads back out into the world. PBG finds some stimpaks for free. If he explored some more, he would find it. However, PBG is a coward. PBG finds a dog in a cage, but can't let the dog out because he doesn't have any bobby pins. PBG finds a safe filled with ammo. A stunted yoa guai appears. PBG decides to kill it from inside a building. He doesn't do much damage to it. The yoa guai disappears, and PBG levels up. PBG puts his level in 'Bloody Mess'.

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