PBG almost dies to super mutants, finds more bottle caps, and almost walks into a trap.

Fallout 4 ONLY ONE LIFE! - Part 2 (GOTTA HAVE $$$!)
Upload Date December 4th 2015
Series Fallout 4 Only One Life


Synopsis Edit

PBG is getting radiated like crazy as he walks up to a person. PBG doesn't have enough money. PBG is calling that his stealth will save him. He levels up. PBG looks through the level up options. He chooses Fortune Finder. He finds some caps immediately.

PBG begins to walk across a river, and finds a water treatment plant. He is seen by someone who has a bomb, and runs away! PBG presses Alt+Tab and almost dies. PBG is shot at. A mutant hound chases PBG, and he yells. The super mutant continues to chase PBG down. PBG begs the mutant to stop chasing him. The mutant is killed, and PBG finds a missile launcher on the mutant.

PBG searches a building. He questions why he is playing on hard mode. A raider comes in when PBG tries to sleep. PBG tries to shoot some raiders from a distance. It doesn't work as well as he hoped, and a lot of raiders arrive. PBG almost dies, and gets a warning.

After healing twice, PBG takes everything the raiders have. PBG almost walks into a trap. A grenade blows up right next to PBG. PBG fights Tower Tom. PBG's aim is bad. After defeating Tom, he sleeps, before finding more raiders to kill. PBG has so far lasted half an episode longer then expected!

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