PBG searches the Yao Guai tunnels for bobbleheads.

Fallout 3 - Part 9 (YAO GUAI TUNNELS!)
Upload Date November 30th 2015
Series Fallout 3 Collection Series


Synopsis Edit

PBG will try to get two bobbleheads starting with the agility bobblehead. PBG is being affected by a lot of radiation. PBG can't believe he is playing Fallout 3 after Fallout 4 was released. PBG is attacked by a giant radscorpion. More scorpions arrive to attack. He can't remember how to play.

He comes across a shack, and takes everything he can find. PBG has to wait for the storm to end so he can see. PBG likes his cute radiation suit as he arrives in the new area. He finds the bobblehead on a table, and takes everything else. PBG complains and rambles.

PBG starts to search for the sneak bobblehead in the Yao Guai Tunnels. PBG sees something run past him. PBG starts shooting his rockets at the enemies and misses. PBG finds a structure he believes he should be able to climb, but can't. Another Yao Guai appears, but then vanishes. PBG misses his shot, and two chase him. PBG blows them up since their AI is bad. PBG gets stuck, and a Yao Guai almost kills him. PBG panics as a Yao Guai guards the entrance. PBG decides to smack him in the face instead.

PBG hurts himself and pulls out the wrong gun as more Yai Guai attacks. PBG finds the sneak bobblehead and leaves.

He arrives back at Megaton, and guesses very badly where the new bobbleheads will go. PBG only needs 6 more bobbleheads.

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