PBG kills a lot of people with missiles and finds two bobbleheads.

Fallout 3 - Part 8 (WE GOT IT!)
Upload Date November 23rd 2015
Series Fallout 3 Collection Series


Synopsis Edit

PBG wants to get two bobbleheads, and doesn't remember the first one that he will get. He fast travels to Arefu. He lockpicks the house. He takes the repair bobblehead.

PBG now heads to Paradise Falls. PBG can't work out how to unmark a quest. He tries to jump off a ledge, but dies. PBG wants to pick up the pace on this series as Fallout 4 is about to come out. PBG has a weather mod on, and is getting radiation from the weather. PBG has the Lincoln Repeater. PBG finds a Slaver. PBG doesn't have enough caps to pay to get through, so he used a rocket launcher to blast his way past. The mod PBG is using has trouble with enemies. PBG kills the slavers.

PBG gets caught under fire, and regrets his choice. He blows up a car. PBG is killed by a lady that charged at him. The lady takes a lot of missiles. After burning an enemy, PBG takes an enemy's mace.

PBG finds Eulogy Jones. He throws grenades at PBG, killing him! PBG kills Eulogy Jones and takes his stuff, including the bobblehead. PBG gets back home, and places both new bobbleheads on the stand. He reads the speech and repair bobblehead messages.

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