PBG kills some robots as he searches for bobbleheads.

Fallout 3 - Part 7 (ROBO MASSACRE!)
Upload Date October 3rd 2015
Series Fallout 3 Collection Series


Synopsis Edit

PBG is fighting a Yao Guai, and dies! PBG is searching for the small arms bobblehead as robots start shooting at him. He throws his last grenade at the robots and kills one of them. PBG says to not trust what he says, as he doesn't believe what he says sometimes!

PBG tries to set a mine, but is set on fire from a robot. His hand glitches out. He shoots some enemies outside their range. PBG is surprised by another robot that he yells at as he shoots it. PBG feels bad for beating up a turret - and his shotgun breaks. He is surprised that beating up a robot works. A robot pops across the wall to attack with a flamethrower. He finds some safes.

PBG is worried that he has been constantly walking past the bobblehead and the people in the comments are yelling at him. PBG tests his new pulse grenades. PBG gets confused as he finds a new area. PBG is amazed as he bounces a grenade off the ceiling to kill a robot. PBG continues fighting robots. A switch turns a light on.

PBG tries to encourage an enemy to come at him, and some barrels explode nearby. PBG keeps burning the robot despite it already being dead. PBG levels up to level 10. PBG finds a bunker full of purified water, ammo, missiles and other weapons. He finds the bobblehead on a shelf. He places his bobblehead. He guesses the location correctly.

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