PBG gets spooked by ghouls as he continues his quest for Fallout 3's bobbleheads.

Fallout 3 - Part 5 (LOTS OF GHOULS!)
Upload Date August 1st 2015
Series Fallout 3 Collection Series


Synopsis Edit

PBG whispers as he tries to snipe the enemies. The enemies are tougher then PBG expected. PBG keeps on missing, but they don't know where PBG is. They chase PBG into his shelter. PBG places down several mines, which cases a large explosion, and its leg comes off. PBG calls the game Far Cry. PBG searches for the Unarmed bobblehead.

PBG finds the Dunwich building, and has to melee some enemies. PBG decides to do some drugs. PBG places a mine in panic as enemies start entering the room. PBG starts hitting things to get the enemies attention. He opens a door and panics as he sees an enemy playing ring around the rosy, until he is blown up by PBG's mine. PBG continues to search the building for the bobblehead.

PBG is surprised as he sees a scary flash. He places mines around. The ghoul comes through into the next room. PBG learns that the mines don't blow up if the user isn't close enough.

PBG can hear lots of ghouls, and eventually finds them and places his mines. PBG can't believe he hasn't used explosives like this before. When the ghouls get close, he has to use his flamethrower. He throws a grenade, and misses entirely. He tries again, and has to hit another with a crowbar.

He kills more ghouls with his grenades and mines. PBG hears a scary noise. The ghouls now have guns! PBG finally finds the cute bobblehead in a creepy room just as he was about to give up. He arrives back at Megaton and adds the new bobblehead to the display.

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