PBG is attacked by ants, scorpions and dogs to earn two more bobbleheads.

Fallout 3 - Part 4 (LOTS OF GRENADES!)
Upload Date July 8th 2015
Series Fallout 3 Collection Series


Synopsis Edit

PBG is going to get the explosives bobblehead. He goes to the Broadcast station. PBG picks it up.

The next one is the big gun. PBG places a marker, and goes to look for it. PBG kills enemies with grenades. It takes a few shots. They blow up like mini nukes! PBG walks into a building, and kills another enemy easily. PBG finds the bobblehead in a vault. There is a lot of prewar money around. He finds a book to read quickly.

PBG gets attacked by a dog and doesn't want to have to kill it. PBG tries to run away from an enemy, but has to shoot him instead. PBG asks why Lord Sonic would do this to his faithful follower! PBG finds someone who needs water. PBG hands over the water. PBG gets attacked, and the attacker kills they guy that PBG just saved!

More enemies attack and chase PBG, that he needs to kill. PBG is killed, and is thankful that he just saved the game. He has to throw grenades at the turret to destroy it. PBG sees some ants, which run towards him. The rat scorpion chases him. PBG heads back to Megaton, and is excited to be able to build his own house in Fallout 4.

He activates the three new bobbleheads. PBG struggles to read the Unarmed bobblehead's text.

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