PBG searches the Bethesday Sanctuary for the lockpicking bobblehead.

Fallout 3 - Part 3 (LOCKPICKING!)
Upload Date July 1st 2015
Series Fallout 3 Collection Series


Synopsis Edit

PBG will get the lockpicking bobblehead in the Bethesda Sanctuary. PBG heard an explosion and can 'see a people.' PBG tries to shoot her helmet off. He uses the shish kabob! He kills all the people in this area. He kills for lord Sonic and prays to him.

PBG tries to hide from the enemies in the building, but there are raiders everywhere. An enemy cowers behind a gnome. After blowing up stuff, PBG looks around. PBG levels up.

PBG gets chased by more enemies. The enemies beg to not be killed, before shooting at PBG anyway. PBG really like Lincoln's Repeater. PBG will try to not look too hard for books. He finds a trap and decides to trip it. It eventually blows up, but PBG doesn't take damage.

PBG arrives in the location of the bobblehead. He finds more enemies to burn with his flamethrower. PBG decides to only use frag grenades for the rest of the area. PBG misses the bobblehead, and searches around for it. He soon finds the lockpicking bobblehead, and unlocks a vault above it. PBG searches for enemies to kill with his grenades outside.

He places the bobblehead onto its stand.

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