PBG starts his new collection series in Fallout 3.

Upload Date June 19th 2015
Series Fallout 3 Collection Series


Synopsis Edit

PBG will be collecting all the bobbleheads in Fallout 3. It has been a long time since his last collection series, but he has been planning this for a long time. PBG is hype for Fallout 4.

PBG skips to the part in the intro where he finds the first bobblehead. He shows off his character. PBG will mess with Big Guns, Explosives and melee weapons because he doesn't use them very often. PBG finds a guy to kill.

PBG kills some giant cockroaches and helps his new friend - before beating him to death. His mom doesn't seem very upset! PBG continues to kill enemies. PBG gets to grunt! PBG wants a compilation video of him grunting in this series. PBG helps kill more cockroaches.

PBG doesn't use VATs very often. On an old video featuring Fallout 3, people were mad that PBG wasn't using VATs. PBG kills the Overseeer. PBG is amused by the physics as an NPC goes flying when he dies. He gets the key for the office. PBG finds it funny how the guy's password is in the locker next to the terminal.

PBG is picking the mean options. He doesn't normally choose the mean options! He exits the vault and admires the wastelands. He increases his skills. PBG takes suggestions for possible modding. He wastes his ammo.

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