PBG repeatedly dies to a scorpion, and finds the creepy Vault 106.

Fallout 3 - Part 11 (SCIENCE AND LANDMINES!)
Upload Date February 3rd 2016
Series Fallout 3 Collection Series


Synopsis Edit

PBG needs to switch his outfit. PBG hates his mod because of the rain mod! PBG takes a radiated drink present. PBG begins to search for the science bobblehead. PBG always accidentally teleports into a fight. He is attacked by enemies that attack him from all sides.

PBG explains that the last bobblehead is really annoying as the player only has one chance to get it. PBG hasn't had a lot of time to finish this series. PBG is attacked by a scorpion and is killed. He tries to use the tree to his advantage, but is killed multiple more times by the same scorpion. He fast travels to the same place again! PBG finds some people running away. PBG talks to him and the wastelander pulls his gun out, just as PBG attempted to kill him!

PBG goes into Vault 106, and he has heard that it is creepy. He searches the vault, and finds a crazy person. The screen flickers purple for a moment. More people charge to attack PBG, and PBG feels bad for killing them. PBG stumbles across the bobblehead, and struggles to pick it up.

PBG continues to search the vault. PBG finds some explosives to blow up the crazy people. PBG teleports and the screen goes purple, confusing PBG as to whether or not it should be happening. PBG hits an insane man with landmines. The crippled man keeps on following PBG. PBG makes a Star Wars joke. PBG explains how he would play differently for the video as opposed to when he plays on his own.

Some enemies don't want to leave a room. PBG becomes injured. He battles an invisible woman. PBG arrives back at Megaton - after pronouncing it wrong again. He places the science bobblehead, and has two to go.

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