PBG plays with Siri and they play through another cart level.

FULL ON KONG: Donkey Kong Country 2 #10
Upload Date August 24th 2015
Series PB&Jeff

Donkey Kong Country 2


Synopsis Edit

PBG is not ready to play video games, so Jeff plays. They went to get more lives. The music is spooky in this level. Jeff tries to make golf references, but PBG thinks he was talking about something else. PBG has to take over, and finds a bonus area. PBG panics with the ghosty ropes, and PBG starts to sing. They discuss the animated videos that people have made for them.

PBG jumps off the edge, ruining their run. PBG asks Siri to search for his channel. She takes a long time. Jeff falls off the edge. Siri plays back the question as well as the rambling. Jeff makes it to the end of the level, while PBG is still searching on his phone.

The next level is another cart level. Jeff finds a bonus. PBG asks to put the name of the animator on the screen when he edits the video. Jeff always says "Nice!" when something good happens in Monster Hunter. PBG talks about fake coughing for his videos.

PBG starts collecting all the minus barrels, losing a lot of time. Jeff takes over, and is killed by a bee. PBG blows it again. They both are killed again after hitting bees. PBG moves his entire body to do the jumps. Jeff makes it to the end of a stressful level. Jeff gets a coin to end the level.

PBG doesn't care today.

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